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Outpatient Detox Services

  • Medication assisted Outpatient detox for opiate, alcohol, heroin, xanax, or hydrocodone use.
  • Outpatient opiate Detox with Suboxone, Naltrexone or Vivitrol injection.
  • Extensive experience in Sinclair method, a highly successful method in controlling alcohol addiction.
  • Outpatient medication assisted alcohol detox.
  • Package for outpatient detox start at $950.
  • Telemedicine consults available.
  • Weekend hours possible.


Our team has extensive experience in treating psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobia, Attention deficit disorder, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, etc.

You will be coached to recovery by our experienced team of health providers. We excel in psychiatric medication management, including novel treatment with Ketamine injection for  depression, PTSD, as well as other indications.

Opiate Use

Do you have a problem with pain pills and/or heroin?

Have you tried cutting your substance use but was unsuccessful? Feeling judged by others criticizing your use?

We are here to help you not to judge you. Addiction is a DISEASE that can be treated and subdued into remission. We pride ourselves in our 70% success rate in keeping our opiate patients sober.

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