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Outpatient Detox Services

  • Medication assisted Outpatient detox for opiate, alcohol, heroin, xanax, or hydrocodone use.
  • Outpatient opiate Detox with Suboxone, Naltrexone or Vivitrol injection.
  • Extensive experience in Sinclair method, a highly successful method in controlling alcohol addiction.
  • Outpatient medication assisted alcohol detox.
  • Package for outpatient detox start at $950.
  • Telemedicine consults available.
  • Weekend hours possible.


Our team has extensive experience in treating psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobia, Attention deficit disorder, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, etc.

You will be coached to recovery by our experienced team of health providers. We excel in psychiatric medication management, including novel treatment with Ketamine injection for  depression, PTSD, as well as other indications.

Opiate Use

Do you have a problem with pain pills and/or heroin?

Have you tried cutting your substance use but was unsuccessful? Feeling judged by others criticizing your use?

We are here to help you not to judge you. Addiction is a DISEASE that can be treated and subdued into remission. We pride ourselves in our 70% success rate in keeping our opiate patients sober.

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What to Expect
Appointments, Policies and Financial matters

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our policy, Initial email and package prior to appointment will include a copy of policies and fees.

For your first appointment our Dr.’s set aside 30-45 minutes. During this appointment the Dr. will gather information and discus your personal goals for treatment, by the end of your initial appointment a treatment plan will be implemented.
Follow up appointment are 15 min, once a month unless treatment plan discussed at initial appointment require more frequent follow ups.
New Patients you will receive our intake forms with your initial appointment email, email will include Forms needed, policy, fees and confirmation of appointment time and date. Please get forms filled out before appointment, if that is not an option please come in 15 min before appointment time to get forms filled out in our office.

All scheduling is done by phone or in person. You will receive a text message or phone call or automated e-mail the day prior to your appointment. E-mail is not secure. We do not use e-mail to address patient problems or inquiries. If you have a problem or question, please call us.
Due to a 60% no show rate for new patients, new patient appointments are subject to a down payment of $50 nonrefundable deposit payable in advance to hold a confirmed new patient appointment.

If you have to cancel or change your appointment, we require at least 24-hour notice prior to cancellation. Same day cancellations for existing patients only are subject to a $35 penalty. New patients will not receive refund for $50 deposit.

Administrative Fees
– Professional letter $50
-Form Completion $40
Disability, leave from work, Attending Physician Statement, return to work (any form requested by Patient or 3rd Party).
– Medical Records Request $30 1st 10 pages, $5 per page after that.

Office Visits
Addiction (Substance Abuse) Treatment
Initial consultation(30min) $350
Follow Ups(15min) $150
Phone Calls (only available for Addiction Patients)
Follow up calls (15min) $150

Psychiatric / Medication Management
Initial Consultation (30-45min) $280
Follow ups(15min) $150

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