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Why Does Wearing A Face Mask Save Lives?

It has been over a year now of living under a pandemic wearing a face mask anytime you are out in pubic. Wearing face masks have become the new norm. Whether you make your own, you style it as a signature accessory to your wardrobe, you choose the more low maintenance option and wear a blue surgical mask, or wear an N-95, etc. it has become as essential to walk out of your door with a face mask as it is to not forget your wallet, keys, and cellphone.

For over a year we’ve heard from doctors, health authorities, government officials, celebrities, neighbors, friends, family, and every media modem to wear a mask. But why is it so important? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and physical distancing, can help slow the spread of the virus.” Slowing down the spread of the virus can save lives. Do you remember when every news outlet was reporting the phrase, “bringing the curve down”?

CDC Face Mask Guidelines

According to CDC guidelines, wearing a face mask is important in slowing down the spread, in slowing down the spread you bring down curve, and in turn save lives. It is important to know how to wear your face mask properly seeing as how there are so many options, and what works for you may not work for everyone else. The CDC recommends that men with beards should either shave or trim their beards, wear a second mask to ensure a snug fit, or use a face fitter or brace. The recommended CDC guidelines state that:

  • People over the age of 2 years old
  • They should be worn at all times, when in a public setting
  • When you are traveling via airplane, train, public bus, etc.
  • Anytime you are around people who are not members of your household
  • and when a member of your household has tested positive for Covid-19

It is important to point out that simply wearing a face mask will not prevent you from contracting Covid-19, but it will prevent the spread of it. As a theoretical example, lets say person A has Covid-19 and is asymptotic, unaware that they can spread the virus to others. Person B has also contracted Covid-19 but has not been tested and is unaware that they are also spreading the virus to others. Person C is sitting on a bus sitting between persons’ A and B completely unaware. If all three people are wearing face masks person C is less likely to contract Covid-19 and persons’ A and B don’t spread it to others. This is why wearing a face mask alone is not the only preventive measure urged to follow, maintaining distance and washing your hands often in combination to face masks can save lives.

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