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“Talk About Your Medicine” Month

What is the importance of taking your prescribed medicine? This month of October here at Embracia we want to focus attention on prescription medications. This 2019 marks the 34th annual ‘Talk About Your Medicines’ Month. We advocate for the acceptance of taking your prescribed medications. The phrases, “I am taking medication” or “I am under a doctors care” are actions that literally mean that a person has taken the necessary steps to get themselves to a healthy place in their lives. But instead they may be causing feelings of shame or even of weakness. When there is no need to.


Taking your prescribed medication is not about getting you addicted or dependent to pills or narcotics. It is about treating an illness, controlling the symptoms, treating pain, stabilizing or normalizing body levels like glucose or hormones to healthy levels, improving your day to day life, and so much more. Here at Embracia, we believe in treating addiction with medication. It is a fairly new medical practice, for more detailed information on our clinics detox and rehabilitation program click here. The detox and rehabilitation process greatly benefits from the help of medication. Whether you choose an inpatient detoxification process under a medical professionals supervision in a clinic or hospital. Or an outpatient process by progressively detoxification process by progressively decreasing your drug consumption. Prescribed medicines should be followed to the doctors order, this ensures that you are following up and committing to your health.

Tips to Establish a Daily Routine:

If you struggle to being a routine or to regularly take your meds, let your doctor know. Talk about what is difficult for you, if something is bothering you, if possible side effects are disrupting your life, or if you are simply struggling to keep up with the prescribed doses. We recommend some tips to get guide you into finding out what works best for you in the least disruptive way.

  • Take tour medication at the same time every day
  • Incorporate your medications into daily routines. For example during a mealtime is a good suggestion especially if the medication requires it be taken with food.
  • Keep a written or electronic schedule
  • Use a pill box to keep your meds organized if you have to take multiple doses throughout the day.
  • Refill your pill box on the same day, for example every Monday after breakfast.

We encourage you to speak out about your medications. It will not only bring normalcy to your medication and illness but it may encourage others to share their feelings, and minimize any feelings of shame or weakness for needing prescribed medications.

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