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Mental Health in the Prison System

Besides an insane asylum prison is the place where you can find a high concentration of mentally ill people. Prison’s are commonly known as “the new asylums” LA county jail, Chicago Cook’s County Jail, and New York’s Riker’s Island Jail – are among some of the jails that hold the most mentally ill inmates than any of the remaining functioning psychiatric hospitals in the US. 


  • 20% of inmates in jails are mentally ill 
  • 15% of inmates in state prisons are est. to have serious mental illnesses. 

An est. 383,000 individuals with severe psychiatric diseases were or are behind bars in the US as of 2014 – nearly 10x the number of patient remaining in psych hospitals. There is a problem with the data compiled – because of the nature of schizophrenia they are not inclined to willingly participate in studies. Therefore the statistics should be higher than what they reflect. 

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  • About 2 million times each year, people with serious mental illness are booked into jails 
  • About 2 in 5 ppl who are incarcerated have a history of mental illness (About 37% in state and federal prisons and 44% held in local jails)
  • 66% of women in prison reported having a history of mental illness, almost twice the percentage of men in prison.
  • Nearly one in four ppl shot and killed by police officers between

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