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Mental Health in the Hispanic/Latinx Community

Mental Health is often times viewed as a taboo in the Hispanic/Latinx community. There are many theories as to why access to mental health is so low. We won’t be able to talk about every reason, instead we will talk about some of the most common theories and make this a multi-part blog posts.

Most Common Theories Include:


Some studies suggest that religion may be a factor as to why mental health is not easily sought out. This by no means is critiquing anyone seeking help through any religion. The danger with religion is that historically religion has contributed to the stigma against seeking mental health help. There have also been huge misunderstandings in which mental illness is associated with things like; demons, lack of faith, or sinful behavior. This of course is wrong in so many ways.


Little or no access to resources and services things like lack of medical insurance. Individuals who live in poverty are at a higher risk of mental illness, have less access to resources and services. In addition, individuals with mental illness tend to live in poverty.


Language barriers, for a lot of people if not most English is their second language. Due to circumstances they may not have access to translators, or be able to properly communicate with others.


Legal status issues, for immigrants who may not have legal status and fear deportation they may not seek help. What they may not be aware of is that children of immigrants can have access to health care through the Affordable Care Act, families may not know that they are eligible or fear registering for fear of separation.

In Conclusion:

For more information about the services or any questions or concerns you may have please check out what Embracia Health Clinic offers, we have staff on hand who speak Spanish, follow the link.

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