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Holiday Drinking

The holiday season comes with a change in weather, time changes, earlier sunsets, family and friends holiday parties, and work holiday parties and holiday drinking.

According to new research, the average American consumes more alcohol during the holidays than any other time of the year. Starting from Thanksgiving all the way through New Years. Some have even seen their average drink double from 4 drinks a week to 8 drinks a week. This data correlates with how often people go out to social functions and parties which coincidentally is also up by three times more.

What are the typical signs of alcohol impairment?

  • Decreased inhibition’s and judgement
  • Slow reaction times
  • Behavior becomes poorly controlled and at times may become aggressive
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of balance

Learn to Plan Ahead:

While enjoying some eggnog and hot buttered rum at the Holiday work party learn to plan ahead as it can be extremely easy to misinterpret the long and short term effects of alcohol on the human body. There is no way to sober up quickly. And alcohol continues to course through the bloodstream impairing judgment and coordination for hours to come. 

To learn more about the long lasting effects of alcohol on the body and mind, follow the link to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

While eating healthy foods and snacks can slow down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol and reduce alcohol concentration in the blood. Holiday drinking

Myths vs Truths About Alcohol

Drinking coffee will sober you up. This is a myth. Caffeine may help with the drowsiness and aide in keeping you alert as alcohol is a depressant substance but it does not sober you up. When the caffeine wears off, the inevitable crash will be felt doubly.

The old idea that “you are okay to drive if you are not slurring your words”. This is a myth. Even after you have stopped drinking, the effects are still in full. It is best to plan ahead and have a designated driver if you plan on being out in a group or to call a car service of your choice while being careful that you are getting into the correct car.  

For more information about what treatment options Embracia Clinic offers or for setting up a consultation with our medical staff, follow the link.

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