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Domestic Violence Trends Among a COVID-19 World

As the world began to find out about COVID-19 and the world went into a lockdown, everything changed. The news focused on the pandemic and what the coming months would look like. Mental health took a backseat to the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic. Domestic violence victims trends among a COVID-19 world spiked up. Studies in China and Australia have found that due to lockdowns and isolation violence against women has gone up and according to Google, online searches in for domestic violence victims support has gone up.

What is the definition of Domestic Violence?

The definition of domestic violence is, “Behavior focused on the oppression of another individual, causing significant hurt and trauma through physical, sexual, and mental harm.” It is prevalent across all ages, ethnicities, and economic classes. However, there was an exponential growth worldwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some facts about domestic violence trends among a COVID-19 world

1 in 3 individual worldwide will experience domestic violence in some form.

What is being done to reduce the violence?

There are various strategies that countries all over the world have implemented or have begun to roll-out. However, it is important to note that these are not the only options and that the below mentioned options are not available in every country.

  • Face-to-face help-seeking solutions
  • Adopting a coding messaging system- using a specifically designated code i.e. ‘Mask 19’ for abused women to initiate help-seeking activities in European countries such as: France, Germany, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, and Spain
  • Virtual ad-hoc help-seeking solutions
  • Shelter homes remaining open amid COVID-19
  • Educational programs
  • Escape plans
  • Laws and Regulations

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, due to the COVID-19 pandemic domestic violence victim’s and the direct relationship with mental health that they overlap with has created new challenges. The overall summary is that due to lockdowns and isolation victims are significantly vulnerable. Some ways to

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