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BSD: Buying-Shopping Disorder

BSD: Buying-Shopping Disorder is much like a shopping addiction or otherwise as it is medically known as Oniomania. While BSD is not a stand-alone recognized as an addiction. It is is a very real thing, for more information about shopping disorders check out the Addiction Center. With the recent global events online shopping has been a great tool and

What is BSD?

BSD and shopping addiction is not simply going on a shopping spree. It is the over-shopping and overspending that is fueled by an extreme craving and compulsory mechanism to self-regulate emotions and the state of mind. Through the action of shopping the person and experience pleasure or relief which leads to the need to experience those emotions again and the person over-shops and overspends. Others may experience post-purchase guilt and again the person seeks out the pleasure and relief. Which in turn causes the person to again, creating a cycle similar to that of gambling.

BSD is also linked to depression, anxiety, mood disorders, self-esteem booster, and a sense of loss of control. Buying-Shopping disorder has similarities to other behavioral addictions much like gambling.

How popular is BSD?

Thanks to the power an influence of the internet a person, daily gets bombarded with shopping ads and the convince of the “one-click shopping” more than ever. This is especially troubling today with the internet being a bigger part of our everyday lives. Especially right now with the current global pandemic and more people working from home.

BSD Treatment:

BSD is a form of addiction, it requires professional help. It requires identifying what triggers the need to shop and finding alternative ways to cope. Others have responded well with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), medications, self-help groups, and financial counseling.

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