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Embracia Health

All of us lead a busy stressful lifestyle. Anyone could succumb to the pressures of modern fast-paced life.

At Embracia, you will be guided, counseled, and treated discreetly and quickly with minimum interruption to your routine.
Whether you caved in to an addiction, or were afflicted by depression, anxiety, phobia, ADD, or bipolar disease, you will be coached to recovery by our experienced team of health providers.

Services We Provide

Medication Assisted Detox

Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Addiction Clinic

Meet Our Providers

Hachem Dadouch, MD


Scot Flynn, PA-C


Sinikka Green, MD


Our Providers

Our group of providers ​are dedicated to outstanding treatment outcomes for patients with psychiatric or addiction problems.

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Excellence in everything we do, focused on you!


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